Music Composer

Sound Engineer


Thibaut Talpe

Composer, Musician, sound designer and post production audio engineer with a passion for film, television and games.

Thibaut Talpe is a musician, composer and Audio Professional. After graduating from KASK conservatory as a master in Music, Thibaut wanted to pursue his love for post production, composing and everything audio related.

He did a 5 month internship at A-Sound in Brussels, where he refined his craft of re-recording, sound designing and composing. During this period he worked on various projects. He composed music for short films and made music for a museum exhibition about Stonehenge in Tongeren. He also helped in the post production stage of a dutch movie called ‘Vechtmeisje’. He learned how to properly record and mix a commercial, how to work with a client and how to handle the loudness limits imposed by modern broadcasting. During this time he also assisted composer Hannes De Maeyer on a German movie called ‘Immenhof - Das Abenteuer eines Sommers.’ Right now, Thibaut is working as a freelancer for different Belgian studio's like Thinkntalk and SDI media. He is also active in game audio, and is currently working on 2 different projects.

Thibaut is still very active in the music scene, he plays in various groups and has played in numerous venues across the world.

He loves media that touches him in a very emotional and immersive way. He strongly believes that sound and music play a big part in achieving this. He always strives to create the best audio experience in various media, whether it is Film, Games or Music.


- Humo’s Rock Rally 2018 (Public prize)
- XL Jazz contest (2018).


- Music composition
- Multi instrumentalist
- Sound Design
- Surround & stereo mixing
- Dialogue & ADR Recording & Editing
- Voice-over Direction & Recording
- Foley Recording & Editing
- Music Direction & Production
- Music Editing


- Avid Pro Tools
- Ableton Live
- Logic Pro X
- Kontakt
- Numerous Sample Libraries from companies like Spitfire Audio, orchestral tools, Spectrasonics…
- Most common VST’s and plugins.
- Moviemaker
- Premiere Pro


Fluent in using many different types of in-line, digital, hybrid and analogue mixing desks (Neve, Avid, Digidesign, Sony, Yamaha, Soundcraft, Makie etc), along with many different forms of studio and live outboard equipment e.g. pre-amps, compressors, samplers, etc. Excellent working knowledge of all types of microphones and various forms of field recorders (like Sound Devices, Sony, ...). Thibaut also has a thing for vintage synthesizers, bass guitars and guitar pedals.